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Woodpeckers are charismatic birds and ProBirder has a fondness for the family.


One of the things that sets us apart from others is our knowledge of forest birds such as owls and particularly woodpeckers. Indeed, lead guide Gerard Gorman is a renowned woodpecker aficionado, who has travelled the world to observe, study, sound record and photograph the Picidae. He is author of Woodpeckers of Europe: a study of the European Picidae (Bruce Coleman), The Black Woodpecker: a monograph on Dryocopus martius (Lynx Edicions), Woodpecker (Reaktion), Woodpeckers (Bloomsbury) and Woodpeckers of the World: the Complete Guide (Helm/Bloomsbury). As well as the familiar “true” woodpeckers, the latter work also includes the unusual wrynecks, the tiny piculets, sapsuckers, flickers and the flamboyant flamebacks.


Central and Eastern Europe is home to 10 wonderful woodpecker species - Black, Eurasian Green, Grey-headed, Great Spotted, Syrian, Middle Spotted, White-backed, Lesser Spotted, Eurasian Three-toed and Wryneck - and we know where they are and how to find them.


Join the ProBirder team to see them all.

Further reading: here is a selection of articles and papers on woodpeckers by yours truly...

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