Birding and Wildlife Guides and Tours in Eastern Europe

from the Baltic to the Balkans... and beyond.

Other Wildlife

Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Butterflies, Moths...

Perhaps not surprisingly, the time we spend in the bird habitats of Central and Eastern Europe  brings us into contact with many other aspects of the natural world. When guiding we never neglect non-bird wildlife, in fact we take a great interest in all aspects of the habitats we visit.


We arrange, upon reques​t​, specialised ​​​tours that focus on ​n​atural ​history in general ​or on specific animal groups​. All levels of knowledge are welcome, with itineraries tailored to your needs and wants.


Large carnivores we have encountered in the region include Brown Bears and Wolf. Other mammals that it is possible to observe include Beaver, Wild Boar, Red and Roe Deer, Chamois, Alpine Marmot and Common Suslik. Many of the cave systems and old forests of the region are home to internationally important bat populations. We regularly encounter amphibians such as Fire-bellied and Yellow-bellied Toads, Agile and Tree Frogs, Fire Salamander, and reptiles like Pond Terrapin and Sand, Wall, Balkan Green and Eastern Green Lizards. In summer, we know places which are rich in butterflies, moths and dragonflies.

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